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Pin Up Aviator – game of the new year

What’s great about the Aviator game and why it’s so popular

As the time passes by, the gambling industry comes up with some brand new ideas to make the experience more exciting and entertaining. The most prominent bookmaker companies and online casinos add new kinds of events such as cybersports, unique and rare sports and create vip bonuses and sitewide tournaments. You can read more about the awesome games of Pin Up here by the way.

However, those things are not the only ones that make the gambling experience better and add something interesting and new to the entertainment. The developers of the website decided to add one of the most exciting online casino games to Pin Up – Slots Aviator, the brand new game. 

Aviator is a new social multiplayer game consisting of social elements that is played for real money and the real money also can be won here. Aviator has drawn the attention of thousands of professional and novice gamblers all over the world really quickly, and now the popular crash game is finally available on Pin Up. 

Pin Up Aviator - game mode
Aviator game screen

Pin Up Aviator: how to play it?

The rules of the social multiplayer game consisting of a lucky plane carrying the odds are incredibly simple. And now we are going to tell you more about the Aviator and help win the game.

So, how do the clients of Pin Up play the Aviator game?

  • First of all, you have to visit the Aviator section of the website by clicking the game name.
  • Then make a bet or two bets – it is completely up to you to decide. 
  • After that look at the main screen with an airplane on it as it starts to fly up. When the round starts, the plane moves and the odds are changing depending on how high it is. The indicator on the bet button shows the users the amount of money they are going to receive if they push the “Cashout” now. 
  • When the sum of the reward seems satisfactory to you, push it quickly and receive the winnings. However, you have to be very careful and click it before the lucky plane flies away. It can crash anytime. In this case, you are risking losing the Aviator bet you’ve just made in the game.
  • After that, Aviator shows the result at which the plane flew away, therefore ending the game.

And that’s it! As you can notice, the Aviator rules are really easy to follow, and it is a fun and exciting game that always ends at random times. It is made specially for those who can appreciate good risk and enjoy live bets.

Aviator: details of the game

Aviator also has a demo version of the game which is available as well. You will be given some cash to play at first, however after that you have to make a first deposit or use free bets.

The users of Aviator also have an opportunity to see other players of the game, what bets they have made, and check out the biggest winnings. This, along with the chat feature introduces social elements of a new kind. You can discuss with other players the round when the plane leaves or set up for aviarace tournaments. Aviator users chat is also available in the demo version of the game as well as free bets and aviarace tournaments.

Aviator winners of the game
Winners list

Auto-play mode and how it works

Besides the common way of playing the game Aviator, here is also another great option. In case you are looking for some specific goal, the developers have created a special auto-play system. If you want to use it, find the switch bar that changes “Bet” to “Auto” and click it. Here Aviator will offer you several auto game options.

  • With this Aviator mode you can stop the game when the amount of possible prize is reduced by a specific number. This option is “Stop if cash decreases by”;
  • The game will be completed when the multiplier starts growing by a certain sum with “Stop if cash increases by”;
  • Or if the result of a single bet reaches a particular number with “Stop if single win exceeds.”

You can use the option wherever you feel like it and trust the program to do its job and claim the funds on time. What will be left is to enjoy the Aviator prizes the game offers you! 

Aviator game auto-mode

Fair gaming policy

To some Aviator users it may seem at first that there is some kind of trickery in the game process that would make it impossible to win. The results simply seem too good to be true. However, this is not the case when it comes to the Aviator Pin Up game. This is completely honest and fair play, and it can be easily proved. 

Aviator provably fair game
Aviator Fair Game

Before each round of the Aviator game begins, a special system generates a random number at which the airplane flies away therefore ending the certain game round. Aviator operates on the platform of Provably Fair multiplier which makes it evident that the game is completely clear and fair.

There is also a special icon that any client can click on after every Aviator game match to check whether the round was fair – here is a history bar on the top. Therefore, you may be certain that there is no special mechanism trying to fool the Aviator players, and everything about this game is trustworthy. 

Such technology lets the system guarantee fair results and allows no third parties to participate in the process or interfere with the games. The Aviator system selects a random result before each game round and sticks to it until the very end. Therefore, it cannot be changed by the platform technicians to make it profitable for the company. It is all about pure luck, and both here – the Aviator company and its clients have equal chances to get a reward in the game.

You can also check the special game Aviator settings that may be found right in the menu. Click “Provably Fair settings” to change it and optimize for your game. 

Fairness of Aviator game
Aviator – game settings

Moreover, the chances of winning are pretty high which makes the possibility of going away with a valuable prize more real than ever even though the plane can crash anytime. The probable return is always around 97% which is great and allows the users to win in the Aviator game more than usual. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we have gathered the answers for the most popular questions about the Aviator features or just game related points that will probably help you play with joy.

Do I have to create an account to play it?

In order to be able to enjoy the Pin Up Aviator game you need to have a verified account. It helps the bookmaker check whether everything is safe and be able to protect both its system and the clients. You can read more about how to register and login here

Are there any cash limits for placing a bet?

Aviator, just like in any other online casinos game, really has some limits, however they won’t really ruin anything about the process. The minimum bet amount is 0.1 USD and the maximum is 100 USD. The maximum win the site allows for one bet is 10.000 USD which is a large sum itself.

Can I keep track of my Aviator game bets?

It is a really important feature to be able to see your previous results, so the Pin Up Aviator game allows its users to check it easily. You can click on the three lines icon, and a menu will open. Here will be various sections among which you can see the words “My bet history.” Click it and you will be able to see all the bets and the Aviator game results.

Can I play Aviator game on my phone?

Yes, you can play Aviator or the free version of the game on your phone or any other device. It is compatible with different software systems. You can play Aviator on iOS and Android devices. To play Aviator, visit the browser version of the bookmaker website.

How do I know when the plane leaves?

The number at which the plane leaves is generated randomly before the plane takes off. After that the win multiplier starts, and all that is left is to watch the increasing curve and stop at the right moment. The Aviator finishes the game at random times, and it’s impossible to know beforehand. However, you can study the previous results and try to trick the random number generator.


Aviator is a new kind of live bets game types. It is well-designed, secure, and entertaining. Play Aviator game if you want to have fun and be able to win great prizes while being sure of the fairness of the process. It also introduces social elements and a special promo feature. You can complete the Aviator tasks and receive free bets for a new game.

Try out the new generation of entertainments and join this social multiplayer game before the lucky plane flies away.